Hi, my name is Jason Liu. Iโ€™m currently studying Product Design at ArtCenter.

I started doodling and building Legos when I was 3 in my grandparentsโ€™ backyard. After 4 years, I won my first national drawing 1st prize. When I was the age for school, all my happy memories were TAMIYA 4WD car and basketball. And I was inspired and decided to be a designer when I was 10, I was watching Vince Carter won the NBA Slam Dunk Trophy wearing a shoe that looks like Chinese Taoism pattern, and that shoe was And1 TAICHI. Exactly at that moment, I became a sneakerhead.

Now, as a designer, I'm passionate about footwear, fashion and branding strategy.  I strongly believe that design is not only to make things functionally better, but also to satisfy peopleโ€˜s emotion.


Everything above this line is too official...